grub loader question

I have suze 10 instaled as well as Win 2K

When I put Suze on, I just let it do it’s thing with the boot order thingy ('cos I didn’t want to mess things up)

How can I alter the boot sequence so Win 2k has priority over Suze ? :confused:

… and in plain english please 'cos I’m fikko :smiley:

and if I deleted (uninstalled ?) the Suze, would this mess up the boot config thingy :eek:

I havent got dual boot on my SuSE systems , but go into YAST - System - Boot loader… highlight the one you want and click on the 'Set as Default ’ button

well that seems easy enough :smiley:

I’ll give it a try now :cool:

Warning if you do delete Suse you will have to repair/rewrite the MBR on your hard drive to boot windows normally , many utilities to do this .

Many thanks Mortlake, I can’t believe how simple that was :wiggle:

and now it’s sorted I will be keeping Suze … but thanks for the heads up on the MBR anyway :smiley:

Do it like windows break down.

Start Menu>System Settings>Bootloader

Next will ask for the root password.
Bootloader config screen, just click the one you want to default boot (priority), then just click ok.

pretty simple enough.