GT5 Academy (PS3)

Anyone else looking forward to the 2010 GT5 Academy challenge ?

From December 17th, you can download the exclusive GT Academy Time Trial from PlayStation®Store to prove to your friends, your country and yourself that you have what it takes to be a professional racing driver.

Only the fastest PS3 racers will enter the GT Academy at Silverstone where we will see if you can cut it on a REAL race track, with REAL pressure and with a REAL race-tuned Nissan 370Z at your control. Only one winner will get to live their racing dream in the Euro GT4 Cup.

Preview of circuit and car here :-

Last year’s winner went on to win a couple of races in the real world :thumbsup:

I caught some of the TV series on the earlier game winner’s battle in real cars. Interesting idea certainly. I’m not hard core enough a gamer to gain those thousandths of a second for any chance. Never mind thousandths, I’ll probably not even be within a second. But I can certainly see how bad I am to the rest of you with it when it is out.

230th currently after a couple of hours last night.

Dang it’s hard! Trying to convince myself a G25 wheel is justifiable :smiley:

I’ll have to give this a go.