Guess who has the top cruncher for RAC in Docking???


Host 55204 hit top spot in RAC today in the aftermath of the dodgy WU’s…

Not bad for a bottom of the range Hex core Phenom…:smiley:

Nicely done! :thumbsup:

Excellent news Fiend!!

Good job…

BTW what’s up with docking, again??? I loaded up a couple of Quads and suddenly there is no work available…what am I to do with the other 16 or so Cores???

I think I got them.:tiphat::slight_smile: Got 9 cores a’crunch’n. Go TPR.:smiley:

Worse than I thought; only 5 cores with D@H work

Leave it to Tex!!! It may take a few days but I’ll load up and get all my machines back to work…in the mean time I’ll run WCG for SC…or some machines may stay dormant as I’ve already reset WCG on them. Good time for much needed maintenance