Hacked off with work intranet

OK people, someone tell me what I need to do to stop myself from throwing this works PC out the closed window…

I have a set of web pages, in plain html, menu to the top and the side, and an IFrame with changing content to the right, dependent on the menu items clicked, simple, sitting on the file server it works a treat. When I upload it to our web server it stops working, it would appear that it doesn’t like IFrames that are given names to make them dynamic.

The server won’t let me upload php, is there any other way of getting changing content in the frame without it being necessary for me to completely remaking each page with all the menu system etc built in?

Please Help Me…

(how many hits do we get from the spam bot for the title??)

iframes are rendered client side, so I doubt it is the server causing the iframe to fail.

I would look at virtual paths as a starter, make sure that the menu links are going to the correct place. Some code might be useful, then I’m sure one of us could try it on a different server and see.


it’s the webapp we have to use for uploading pages that screws with the iframes, it messes with the code when you upload the pages AND it messes with them more when you request them off the server… grrr… got round it with a bit of dhtml and an ajax? code though because of the way it screws with the code as it comes down it’s not perfect, but it’s better tha it was.

Cheers anyways, I may post the resolved code tomorow just for you to giggle at…