Had BBQ & a few beers last Sat evening ..

… sat outside and got talking with Fran about our lack of leisure time.

Decided we’d get back into sailing, nothing too time consuming, low maintenance essential. Just pack, go & enjoy.

So here am I a couple of days later 5k poorer with one of these sat in the drive.

God knows if we’ll get on with it, it’s 15 years since I last jumped into a dinghy.

Ho Hum, - the perils of drinking at home with the Mrs.

well, you live in the right place for it :slight_smile:

For me, it’s missing something :chuckle: A MASSIVE engine :smiley:

Aye, I take your point DT, somehow a Mercury 2.5 just doesn’t cut it :chuckle:

The plan was for absolute simplicity and zero maintenance. Providing we’re not too old & creaky to keep the bloody thing upright, it might just work out.

This evening we applied for a dinghy space at the YC so with a bit of luck we won’t even have to trailer it to the slipway or keep putting the mast up and down. :xfinger:

There’s a moral there, always go out for a pint :smiley:

Looks like it could be awesome fun though mate :thumbsup:

when’s the maiden voyage so we can toast it, from teh pub in the warm and dry :chuckle:

It could be a couple of weeks yet - need to get re-kitted out with clothing, buoyancy aids et al. The YC has it’s own brand bitter (actually re-badged Ringwood) at a most excellent price :slight_smile:

If you want a laugh, why don’t you come down and join us.


I’ve got to drop one of the boys off for a Scout camp on the 22nd, nr Bournemouth, how good is your coffee :lol:

Not too bad but unfortunately you’ll have to make it yourself, we’ll be in Abbingdon for an MGs on Track website dev meeting :chuckle:

Shame, would have been good to see you. Where is he camping.


that’s the place, I’m taking a car load of kids down on the 22nd, and someone else is bringing them back on the Monday as there’s off-road at Avon Dasset :slight_smile:


Ha, Butchers Coppice is about 10 mins from my door. Not a bad site but don’t park in the notorious nearby West Howe Estate (Poole Lane); you’ll likely loose your wheels - steel or not :chuckle:

Have a great time @ Avon Dasset.

Well we’re off this morning for a little play in the harbour. Virtually no wind so we might stand a chance of keeping it upright - but probably not actually manage to get anywhere :chuckle:

Never mind, it will be good practice for the various drills.

We’ve had the dinghy out a good few times now but Saturday in gusty force 4-5 winds saw the first testing of our buoyancy jackets and capsize drill :chuckle:

All went well with righting the boat etc until we discovered that getting back in was the province of those younger or fitter than us. The wood/GRP dinghies I used to sail were not so buoyant and basically sat low, half full of water. Being all plastic and with a self draining cockpit, this one bobs up and sits with the gunwales very high.

Before we go out in gusty winds again, there’s a few extra ropes to be rigged to help us oldies back in, also maybe a small masthead float. If you let it, the boat will tip fully turtle until the mast sticks in the Poole Harbour mud.

We’ve called the dinghy “In Klein” - klein as in little (and also the name of our favourite scuba dive site) - with the incline connotation of the whole name.

The better news is that we have got a dinghy space at the yacht club so no more trailing and mast rigging, just sails up, roll the trolley down the slipway and off we go. :slight_smile:

I think I’d need a ladder to get back in. It’s been years since I went sailing and the old “ready about” and “lee ho” calls. Ahh! Memories… :smiley: