had to stop crunching :/

hi peoples,

i had to stop my best machine crunching the other day as it kept resetting due to heat, when i finaly worked out what the problem was the machine was hitting the 70 degrees C cut off i specifide in the bios…

so no more crunching for me till i can afford a nice shiny new machine

what about a shiny new fan? :wink:

lol if only it were that simple, i think the case has some cooling issues and as i am planning a new machine some time in the next few months i decided that it wasnt worth faffing with. i did give the heatsinks a clean and the whole machine a hoover and thats helped a little but not enough really… will see what happens. but im not getting the A/C out till its a fair bit warmer as the other machines in the same room are fine…

run folding :wink: :Pimp: you can set the cpu load, or use an application called threadmaster that has been touted a lot on the boinc forums :smiley:


i was running folding :stuck_out_tongue:

tbh im not prepaired to take the risk my main games box will die when im not there to do something about it