Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

So happy to see you back here… Happy Birthday old gal!!!

Thank you!
Though there’s a major bug on the forum; it says I’m 55. . . gee I’m just 25 ~smiles~

:lol: Happy Birthday Heidi. Hope you have a great time :cheers: :glug:

Well lets see; ran the brush hog, and the blade over the road, did the laundry, and fixed supper. . . you know what, that is an awesome day because I never thought I would be able to do such again.
I’m as happy as one can be and enjoyed every moment!

Hope all here had a great day too.

I’m late* to the party again, happy 25th birthday Heidi :slight_smile:

  • maybe I should cut back on the Brandy?

does the party explain my head this morning?

I really must get out a bit more, missed the boat again. Happy belated birthday Heidi.

Well at least you didn’t do what I did with our last boat. . . Yes dear the plug is in. . . oops!

Thanks Mortlake.