Happy Birthday PMM

According to the board’s permanent diary PMM is 30 today so…

Happy Birthday Paul and don’t have too many measures (groan!)

Hehehe, welcome to the 30’s m8. Happy birthday. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Paul :slight_smile:

That does not mean you can start slacking on making my MP’s :smiley:

Have a great day Mee

Happy birthday to Pmm and Jerry. Hope you have a great birthday Paul, make the most of it as it’s your last when I get my hands on you on June 26th :smiley:

Cant say I never warned you Paul - have a good b’day mate, from memory thats two people to buy a beer at Mojo’s…now if only I could remember who the other one was :lol: :cuckoo:


Have a good one mate

Happy birthday Paul, have a good un :slight_smile:


Thx folks :slight_smile: at work now and nobody can miss the fact i’m 30 …
shed loads of Balloons around my desk all say ‘Happy 30th Birthday’
that they all put up.

Hit a slight snag :wink: mis-laid my Silver paint :confused:
good news it was rather easy revealing the copper tracks
the pit is filled, just need to make a trace link and then its a MP.

Look’s at yearly planner… pencil’s in June 26th… opps I seem to
be busy that day :wink:

Though being 30 I could do with being put out of my missery could you
make my death quick? I’ll bring the gun :slight_smile:

Looks like Renata’s on free drinks for the whole of Mojo’s by the sound of it lol.


Happy birthday mate:cheers: I turned 30 last year, been the best few months of my life so far. Becasuse you’re getting older people take you more seriously.

Happy birthday Paul…welcome to the old tarts club :smiley:


Many, many happy returns Paul :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday :cheers:

happy birthday mate :drink:

Happy Birthday!!! :cheers:

Happy Birthday Paul! :cheers:

Happy birthday matey :cheers:


Have a good one mate :glug: