Happy Birthday to me

Now this is odd, the forums sent me a happy birthday email but kept it a secret from the rest of you.
Most odd.

Digi-darkrooms sent me a happy birthday too but I’ll be ****ed if I can find a way to reset my password over there.
I’ll let somebody else wish Saratoga all the best with his exhaust.

I have my party hat on and everything.

Happy birthday! :slight_smile:

How could one not just laugh their … off!
So how old are you?
Maybe the forum can’t list numbers that high:D
Well have a very Happy Birthday!
Dear unmentioned one.

Happy (insert number here)th Birthday to you :cheers:

of course this could just be an elaborate hoax, but I’m sure DT will find a way to show the correct Birthday details in the appropriate place :smiley:

TFW, I presume the research of that ‘beer mystery’ will be continuing throughout this joyous occasion ? :tiphat:

edit: … ooh look, 43 you young pup :wink:

WOW older go figure it happens all to often…I stopped for a few years…then it caught up…darn calendar. Just kidding Happy Birthday…have a Pint of whatever taste good!

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy Burpday :cheers:

Happy birthday m8!! :cheers:

hiccy burpday TFW :cheers:

Happy day to you Mr TFW :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday matey - I’ll look for the celebration smoke in the sky later on :smiley:


The only fireworks I have are tesco value range and not quite in the same league as the five mile signal rocket.
My wholesaler has shutdown so no more hand made 100mm ground mines :frowning:

Happy Burpday TFW… :cheers: