Happy Birthday to you......

Today we have a foursome(Mincer!:nono: )

First we have the man that looks after your possession when you can’t keep to the deal - Repo

Next, is the guy that is, well, just way out there - Spacey

Now if you wanted to go solo, you might want some lessons from - Renegade

And if you like it out there so much, you might just end up like - Awol

Make the best of the day, ‘four’ it is your day;)

Here is the obligatory cakey best get a piece before Repo supplements his diet:eek:

What he said :smiley:

Happy birthday dudes ! :alan: :headbang:

Happy Birthday folks :slight_smile:


LMAO, great post!

Have a happy one all! :nod:

Happy birthday! :wave:

Happy Birthday guys!

Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Thanks :smiley:

:banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

Hiccy Burp days peeps have a few :glug: on me

many happy returns guys :thumbsup:

cheers guys :slight_smile:

and I managed to get a new job to boot :smiley: