Congratz mate :smiley: :smiley:
one year older

Cheers M8
:drink: :glug: :cheers: :wasted:
Anyone whos going to be on IRC later on tonight watch out becuase i plan to consume alot of alcohol :smiley:

lol happy birthday mate.
legal drinking age:D

cough tart cough

have a gud un :slight_smile:

let us now how you enjoyed your first night in a pub… :wink:

yes first night in a pub…

err yeh will do :D.

Happy Birthday babes
Have a great day and please dont get too drunk tonight as i cant carry you :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe @ the bird!

get way drunk and call a cab! :nod:

wear warm clothes and passing out in the gutter isn’t a problem then!

Happy Birthday mate :smiley:

god i wanna see the webcam later :stuck_out_tongue:

:cheers: Happy Birthday Andy :cheers:

I’ll go warn preecey to keep out of the way in irc tonight :chuckle:

Oh that poor man does he need comforting? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah Andy’s Birthday. Have a great evening m8 :slight_smile:

thanks balrog :slight_smile: i will do :smiley:

happy birthday andy :slight_smile: hope you have a good un m8 :smiley:

:cheers: :drink: :glug: :wasted: Cheers brucie i will :slight_smile: