Happy Chrismas

Happy Chrismas

and peace on earth

too all people here.

Greetings from Germany
Sir Ulli

A merry Christmas to you too and a prosperous new year

…and a Happy Christmas to you too Ulli :thumbsup:

Merry Christmas everyone :cheers:

not good News …

and peace on Earth and Health

i was just informed, that my sister in law is injured at


in German Leukemie oder Blutkrebs

so my xmas is going…

Greetings from Germany
Sir Ulli

Oh no! Sorry to hear that Ulli. :frowning: Hopefully with todays treatments, all will be well. Keep positive and always hope for the best m8. :nod:

Even more reason to join Folding@Home

I agree Sir Ulli, modern treatment if applied early enough can make a remarkable difference.

Christmas is a time to look forward to the future with hope. I hope that in a few months you will be able to report back that she has been given the all clear :xfinger:

Take care my friend.

You still around you old slacker,

Happy Holidays to all the TPR slackers!

sorry to hear you bad news Sir Ulli, but hopefully if caught early enough and with the treatments there are now available all will be well.

Nice to see your still around MAOJC :slight_smile: hope all is well in the land of sun, hogs and linux :wink:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.