Happy trails to Seti Pimp

It seems we had a leaver yesterday. :frowning:

I hope it was nothing we did.

Happy trails to Seti Pimp and Seti Pimp 2. :wave:

Don’t be a stranger. :nod:

:frowning: :wave:

A leaver ? :eek:
After all the great things that have happened in
the last few days ?

Originally posted by dalethfc
A leaver ? :eek:
After all the great things that have happened in
the last few days ?

This may very well be our fault. :nod:
See Mr. Mincer’s thread “A polite request about OcUK”.

IMO the open approach that we adopt on our forum, gains us more members than we lose, not that I like to see any member leave.

Close Threads people get annoyed, leave thread open to long people get annoyed, it’s a real fine line :slight_smile:

It does not look like that thread lead to Seti pimp leaving.

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A month ago, so it’s been on the cards, ho hum

Maybe he’s gone Pimping and will return with a brace of new recruits ? :chuckle:

I didnt leave because of anything to do with this very freindly forum. I was on holidays for almost 1 month now and i have had several things happen. I had to sell my new rig to find cash for a family member in financial trouble( my XP2600/A7N8X-Deluxe) still have my 1.33 Thunderbird/A7M266 and my Pentium 450(soon to fire-up again). But ive spend most of my time at my old teams forum still(amdmb.com) as an active member. So right now they are about to be passed by(you know who) another team and ive decided to contribute what i can for a place that ive been for almost 2 years. I`m sorry that my stay was short but i still read these forums everyday since joining your great team. You can find any of my post as scruff35. My new Seti user name is “Secret Itching Spot” and “Scratch Here”. :flip:

:cool: Nice to know that we never upset you :slight_smile:

Good Luck with your old/new team


Pleasant travelling