Hardware forum Thread Tidyup/Link Tidy up

Hey Everyone :slight_smile:

Hope everyone is well, I have asked Malc to mod me up as I have time on my hands and wanted to tidy up some of the old dead links and stuff within the hardware forum and maybe but in some interesting new stuff / new links etc etc

If anyone is interested in seeing anything particular added just ask :slight_smile:


I hope you can keep up with the fast pace around here. I make it 7 active threads in this subforum this year including this one, and two of those were me reviving old threads from years ago :smiley:

Hard to say whatโ€™s interesting or not given the limited activity around here. If I happen to be doing something at the time I might post about it. Currently running an eternal debate on what GPU to update to, to finish off my new box build.

It was said a ickle bit tongue in cheek :wink: lol Iโ€™m around hear more than people realise fully aware of our huge massive userbase :slight_smile:

So donโ€™t all bombard me at once with requests as I might struggle to for-fill them all :smiley:

If I can spring clean and update who knows might get an extra user or 2 :wink: still a hub of useful information :slight_smile:

:lol: Good one Paul :smiley: