Hardware HOW-TO

Since this forum has never been used I vote it is removed.

I agree

Or at least hide it at a minimum.

yup - all hardware Q’s seem to get answered in the dedicated hardware forum.

It’s one I’ve been thinking about for a whiel - kinda looks bad to have a nil posts forum.


Maybe remove the Hardware reviews section also, since I was the only one to post in it, and havent had any money (or a job) for the past 6 months to buy new hardware. I was really hoping that there would be more hardware reviews, but it seems like a waste of space right now.

Best option :wink:

Dump the post to the … Post Archive

Then amend the Hardware Forums Ultimate sticky :wink: to link to it.

Seeing as it has a section in there for such posts.

I would like but not being a Jedi anymore mean’s I can’t amend my own work :chuckle:

Unless the Admin would like to give a special privilage to me to maintain it without being
an actual mod ?