Has anyone here dyed there hair blue?

As titled really. I wanna shock the girlfriend for a laugh but at the same time not look like a complete tit. Has anyone got any pics of what they look like with blue hair (im going for electric sky neon blue). I was looking at this

Thats a good site. I’ve dealt with them before.

Only dyed mine black before but my flat regularly dies his hair green and he uses this stuff…

Cos he has brown hair he bleaches his first but you don’t have to do that.

hi there,

yup been blue, green, red, purple, orange with purple spots, you name it iv done it lol

if you got dark hair and want a good result your gonna need to bleach it first. and you will make everything in your bathroom blue when you do the colour.

directions is good as is “fudge” fudge are my personal prefrence tho…

any questions just ask :slight_smile:

Well im blonde so thats not a problem. Got any pics of your blue and red styles you could upload?

found it :lol:

(if you didn’t know, that’s Hidden Spirit)


a few pics are floating round, but in all honesty i think i will keep them to myself :wink:

Nice hids :thumbsup: Come on wyntr, you cant tease us like that.

sure i can! theres no way your gonna see the pics, in fact no one ever will


That’s from 2003 and my first try at dying blue :lol:

More recent one - http://truenspirit.com/melise/hair.jpg done in summer :slight_smile:

If you can get into Plymouth, Tribal Voice have the full Directions range there.

Thats more of the shade i want. What was it called, can you remember?

It’s Altantic Blue from the Directions range :slight_smile: The first one is too, but because I’d peroxided my hair, the bleach made it go a lot lighter.

Not got any pics of mine, but back in my youth in my ‘Greenday’ tribute i had vivid blue and bright green for a while.Had to bleach it first as i have brown hair though.

I tried… it looked bad… I wont try again :smiley:

I haven’t dyed my hair in a few years… I shave my head with a #2 so there isn’t much hair to dye now anyways… no pics sorry :frowning:

Well i did it. Only a wash out one first but i liked it. Its better than the pic looks. It’s not quite so bright.
MySpace Link

You lazy git :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and not everyone will have Myspace…strikes me a student watse of time…but facebook is so much better because you get less emo kids! :smiley:

You should be able to see it anyway, even if you dont have myspace

Dont think so. AFAIK myspace only let you view other’s pictures if you sign in.

I can see the top part of it (hair only, although I can see other pics on there fine) and I don’t have myspace :slight_smile:

From what I can see it looks cool Scott :thumbsup:

Yeah i cut just the rest of the pic off. Im making a very stupid face