Has www.digi-darkroom.com been hacked?

Tried to get there this morning, just had a black page with some comment from “Red Eye” and now it’s totally down - anyone know what’s up?


The forum seems to be undergoing maintenance… just tried myself

Back up now :slight_smile:

As in the site is back up now, not that we should all back-up now. If you see what I mean.


Its probably Saracen clicking a few wrong admin options in the control pannel or something :slight_smile:

Aydon - your right! We should all back up now!! People dont back up anywhere near enough!!! Youll all be sorrrreeee you ddint back up!!!


Well a quicky look does reveal that yes they did get hacked…


Damn thats not good :frowning:

However they got hacked, they restored a backup, which means the same vunerability exists :frowning:


Holy thread resurrection :eek:

Are our friends over there still about. Been trying their site for the last couple of days with no success.

Does appear un-accessable here at work.

Deffo there and present last week as I was looking through some stuff there…

seems to be down here…

was fine last week… was looking in the Crunchers dunjun!

Nope looks like we have been hacked again :frowning: wish I could be left alone in a room with the person who keeps doing it :catfight:

That’s a bummer Dezy. Are you able to recover. Hardly post at all but often pop in for a browse.

Was down last week but came back from a backup. Guess this week’s Fantasy Football will be missed :frowning:

what a bunch of arses!

I’ve been in touch with rebel - offering an assist using the server TPR runs off. They haven’t been hacked - it’s a serious case of hardware failure, followed by another hardware failure when coming back online from the first.

He has a backup of two hours prior to the fail, so should be back soon. :xfinger:


Was hopeful when i saw this post that Ridds had come back to pay us a visit, has he fallen out with anyone on here? I’ve noticed he is fairly vociferous on OcUK posting most days but not been here for ages. Looking at his blog things aren’t going too well for him and would have liked to say hello!

Not aware of any falling out… there was alot of real life stuff happening for him.

There still is, his blog makes for very painful reading as he was such a nice bloke and had a great impact on setting up this place (isn’t his name still on the deeds??) and to have something like that going on in RL is heart wrenching plus the fact he seemed to just disappear overnight from here!

Just been having a read flipping heck your not wrong :eek:

That is the real life stuff that caused his absense, TBH he did not want people knowing at the time but looks like its re-occured.


just in case you hadn’t notice www.digi-darkroom.com is now back online, thread from rebel here



In a moment of severe flashback I was going to look for camera reviews on digi darkrooms but it seems to have imploded or something.

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, much like searching for unbiased camera reviews on Googl£