Having Problems with 4.43 ?????

If you are having problems with your favourite project not crunching because of long term debt , I have come up with a solution .

Detach the project in question and delete only the remaining XML files in the /Program Files/BOINC folder associated with that project. sched_reply_xxxxxxxxxx.xml
account_xxxxxxxxxx.xml (this one might not be there )

where xxxxxxxxxx is the project URL.

Re attach ( the deleted files are recreated )and watch the work flow in … :smiley:

cheers Mortlake :thumbsup:

Would that work on the fact that my 4.44 seems determined to be stuck in dealine mode approaching, earliest work first?

I have only used it on a couple of systems where it has been CPDN / Predictor 20/80 mix . where the deadlines are 1 year vs 1 week
Predictor has built up such a massive long term debt that it stopped down loading any WUs at all , so that I only had 2 CPDN WUs on the machine , not how I want it to work .
BOINCVIEW shows the debt quite clearly . and its a great tool for administering remote rigs .

I think you have the opposite problem where the deadlines are so short that it crunches them to the detriment of other longer deadline projects . the scenario that I am describing is when the the long term debt incurred by exclusively processing short deadline WUs suddenly shifts and stops downloading them at all .

I thought the timeslicing of 4.19 was much better for my purposes.