Having trouble keeping your farm cool?

Just saw this on Tom’s Hardware. An interesting concept!


Now that was an interesting find… Thanks for the link. can we test it on your comp first. ~smiles~

Can’t see mine going in the fish tank just yet :chuckle:

Cheers for the find Fadamor :thumbsup:

[QUOTE=Vortex;434755]Now that was an interesting find… Thanks for the link. can we test it on your comp first. ~smiles~

From this display picture, he has the tank already :smiley:

A good idea But i love normal air coolers.

50 gallon tank and 5 goldfish… but I’m not evicting them for a PC (yet). I could run 3 mobos in that tank and it could keep everything cool! :newmon: I wonder what 50 gallons of pure mineral oil would cost, though. :Plot:

Mineral Oil is about 17-20 US$ dollars a gallon. So you would spend around $200.00 for the 10 gallon tank to cool a MOBO. Thats about the same for a good external liquid cooler setup. The only issue I see is moving it around (100+ Lbs). Also other would be a crack would cause one heck of a mess (office already a mess without 10 gallons of oil on floor).

Good idea for maybe someone that has lots of cash, but air works here, and it warms the office nicely.

$81 for a 5-gallon container of 70 viscosity industrial-grade mineral oil. :smiley:

I’m not too worried about a fish tank cracking under the weight. With gravel and water, your typical fish tank deals with about 10 lbs of weight per gallon of water on a daily basis. My 50 gallon tank clocks in at over 500 lbs - filled, not counting the cabinet it’s sitting on (another 80 lbs). My FLOOR is what I’m worried about. :slight_smile:

AND, with all the noisy things inside the tank (I’d definitely go with the SSD drives in the tank instead of keeping the mechanical drives outside the tank), you’d have the quietest “performance” PC around. For oil circulation, there are silent, submersible aquarium “powerheads” that are designed to work with undergravel filters to suck up the water from below and spit it out again near the surface. With the addition of a short piece of clear tubing, I could quickly change that to taking the warm oil near the surface and cycle it back down to the opposite bottom corner for convection flow purposes. I could DO this! :devil: