HD LCD/Plasmas

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Erm… ok. Ultra quick one about my 32 inch Acer LCD HD ready TV. Lots of inputs, DVI supporting HDCP, VGA, scart, component, RF. Native 1366x768 which most PCs can’t output so no native running. Doesn’t have adjustment so you can’t even pick nearest and window it. For that reason not recommended for desktop PC usage but fine in games and movies where the lack of square pixel alignment isn’t noticeable. Playing a regular DVD over component looks good. I don’t have another source of HD material. Sounds ok too. Small fan on back to keep it cool can be heard if room quite but not noticeable during viewing. Any questions?

hcdp over dvi wont help you with hd dvd and blu ray. youll be stuck @ 480 when your hardware is more than capable of hd.

that is if u want to go next gen. Thx movie studios, more drm.

I’m not aware of anything else they’re planning on other than HDMI which is a slight superset with a different connector. For video it is the same. Or am I missing something?

OK - recommendations for 42"+ then?
Some of the models on display look very bad - but then it may just be the input signal - never trust high street shops!!!

If your Tv doesent support hdcp over hdmi, which most dont including yours, you will get downsampled HD dvd playback, which will be no better than standard dvd. This a a move to ‘prevent’ piracy. Ie it bends the consumer over a table.

We’ve got a Pioneer PDP-506-XDE and am surprised to report no vices whatsoever. Has a direct monitor Dsub port which makes a good fist of displaying at up to 1280 (or 1024) X 768. This is a two piece bit of kit with a decoder box, then a pair of heavy leads up to the panel itself. Loads of interconnects on the box including two HDMI but I’ve never used anything other than a 3 wire component input from the AV amp. Gives the best picture I’ve seen anywhere.

Best advice I can give is to download the pdf manuals for any models you’re interested in and read carefully. Many of the ads/specs claim features which turn out to be limited in particular circumstances.

Not that I want to drag this post up again :smiley: but pic in here somewhere

@MC, HDCP is the same via DVI and HDMI. HDMI video signaling is the same as DVI. Same signals, different connector. You can buy cables to go between them. HDMI offers sound transfer too which DVI doesn’t, thats the only difference.

There’s no real quality difference between DVI / HDMI on current plasma’s
image quality wise.

Advantages for HDMI is its bandwidth available which means it can cope with
all future enhancements / revisions to the standard will support full 1080 resolution and 8 channel audio with head room to spare.

As for content, most plasma’s fail to meet the 1080 format standards so no matter what your using DVI / DSUB / HDMI its will be downsampled to 720 / 480 anyway.

Avoid trying to play any media in 1080 format as it will look far worse than 720 due to down sampling.

On a side note full native 1080 format looks flipping fantastic on my Sony Gw900 24" CRT but its
going to be I suspect sometime before its native at a resonable price on a 40+ inch plasma.

OK - looked around.
Can someone tell me why not to buy this please


because I bet you could get loads of crunchers going for that kind of money :Pimp:


OK - a REAL PROPER reason :rolleyes:

And if its cr@p then an alternative please :wink:

I only ask cos John Lewis are doing a free 5yr warranty (probably the original + 4yrs)

I’d look for a 1280 x 720 res which meets basic spec for 720i in a 16:9 ratio

the quoted there 1024 by 720 fails to meet 720 standard.

which will mean a resampled and poorer image than a native res 720i

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Same decoder box as mine, different screen. If you’re half as pleased with it as I am then you’re a happy man.

But do check out the manual Pioneer

Don’t forget to try the old “i can find it online cheaper guv’nor” at John Lewis and get them to try price matching, quite a few people i know have done this, got it for the same price as the online place and still got the 5yr warranty thrown in.

You can always try over at www.avforums.co.uk for a decent review/thread about most of this type of thing.

@MC, HDCP is the same via DVI and HDMI. HDMI video signaling is the same as DVI. Same signals, different connector. You can buy cables to go between them. HDMI offers sound transfer too which DVI doesn’t, thats the only difference.

You are quite right, there is no functional difference and no technical reason it cant be done. Does that mean the industry will let you. no :wink: Adapters wont work IIRC.

read up about it. itsa bit scandalous really.

The adapter cables I’m thinking of are purely physical adapters, no difference in signal. Only if the signal is compromised does it take action. I’ve read up on it, and although it is a small pain it isn’t much to worry about compared to other things planned. The only issue I have with it is that most current computer monitors wont be allowed to display HD where they easily have the resolution. Reading around, the cryptology in it is not strong, and another decss style incident is likely brewing…

Me thinks MC is mixing up the HDCP component with HDMI/DVI

HDCP is a process of content protection… HDMI/DVI is a means of transfer.

HDCP is independant of the connector in use and HDCP can use either connector.

What cannot occur is HDCP enabled players can’t display on a
screen that does not support HDCP.

As long as the player and the display use HDCP the interconnect
can be DVI or HDMI.

What will be occuring over time is that once manufactures jump on the
HDCP bandwaggon, the analog output side on newer machines will be restricted
to the lower resolutions than at present.

In essance there forcing you to go HDCP compliant as time goes on but that’s
a protocal handshake between devices that can be a DVI or a HDMi connector.

End of day… The Content protection has already been hacked and I also believe
there is a convertor box that employs the HDCP chips then outputs the unrestricted
content as the box supplys the handshake then processes the info.

o ok.

very good about the box widget. :slight_smile: