Head's up - Docking@Home

Be advised that there are more DUFF units in the mix. Have had two with over 3 hours = zero %. One other crashed on start-up.

Yup had two crashers and two 0% units here too

Noticed another five zero length in the latest batch of transfers (aborted at transfer stage) so, as of today its still happening, we need to be vigilant guys ‘n’ gals.

edit mine were all 1ohr but I think that’s pure chance, I think this is a server issue and quite random in its effect

Just done a search and found 12 in my cache with 0KB INP files… aborted before they could do any damage.

ta for the info on it being a tired download issue :slight_smile:

That makes sense as to why it’s not a specific batch of units :thumbsup:


What bothers me is that they have yet to mention or address the issue

Posted up in “the thread” on their message boards but no response at all so far.

I managed to nip into the office today, one machine had been going for 120hours on a duff unit :frowning:

Not a happy bunny.


Must be lucky as I’ve not had any duff 'uns yet.

Went and put my two cents in, amazes me the lack of communication with us. (crunchers)

checking through, it’s not just 0Kb files INP files either, I’ve just been through a machine and aborted all 0KB units to watch it get stuck on one that is 1080KB :frowning:

The work units are either not being generated properly or theres a pipe error in the sending.


System is now down for maintenance too. Oh well…:sigh:

All servers now back up and work available, still no response or explanation

You know what really has pissed me off…
I had many time written through a personal e-mail resource I have, and always been responded to promptly. Now they are not even acknowledging those!

You know if you don’t have a clue, it is not wrong to admit it…
I am at NNW till I cool off about this matter.

Added MilkyWay and still have Quantum Fire running, with SIMAP when WU’s are available.

No I am not quitting Docking, but I want an answer that is fitting for the efforts this and every Docking team deserves.

Docking is really the only project I can truly be passionate about, it is everything that meets my true need to crunch.
Very disgruntled cruncher,

Well I’ll carry on, for now, see if the latest outage has fixed the problem :xfinger: I can understand your disappointment with the team over at Docking, but I’m a year old today and I’d rather see this thing through.

Plan on it too… just a day away from 500k
I just am pissed! See told you I was a meanie:D

You’re a pussycat really, you don’t scare me (much)

Look out your window… Do you seem me?
That is how well I am hiding and stalking you.
You’ll never see me coming.

bwahahaha you’d never even get up the stairs to the flat before I rained justice down on you. Bring it awwwwwn!

Tossing a rope off the roof and bursting through the wind…
You just wait.