headset - competition no.2! test your drawing skills!

ok, following on from the ‘lets play outside’ theme in the other thread, design me a head set for the gaming day which must incorporate the following things:

  • 5.1 surround sound (for the gaming)
  • microphone (so we can shout abuse in counterstrike)
  • beer dispenser (err… for the beer)
  • head massager (cmon it would be cool http://www.orgasmatron.com.au/index2.html)
  • a sunshade (to stop the glare outside)

feel free to add your own wackiness to the design, use whatever program you like to deisgn the hat

i will judge designs on

A) name of the device
B) how it looks
C) any extra peripherals you decide to incorporate

winner will be announced thursday lunchtime, prize will be any 2 drinks of your choice at mojos :slight_smile:

Integrated foam dome!

Perfrect for lan parties. :smiley: Pint above each ear.

edit: o its already in the list :doh: well at least we know weve always got that on our minds :chuckle: