Heat Issue?

Is this a heat issue or driver issue?

My screen lately has been doing as the attached piccy.

If it was heat, would it still be able to take a screen shot?
Believe it was after installing Oblivion so I think it’s something with that that’s causing the trouble…:frowning:

Looks to me like when gfx is overclocked. Double check cooling on it and any settings are not over-agressive.

Gfx not overclocked, nor is the system. Running standard nVidia drivers.

Doesn’t really do it in game which is when I’d expect odd colours/things to happen. Though it has screwed a couple of times in game, always in a transition from one area to another.

Tempting to backup my saves then uninstall Oblivion to see if it changes. (or might way and see if the patch fixes anything)

Card is a 6200 with Turbocache and passive cooling.


Worked it out I thing
Recently (ie last night) moved the TV card out of the media center into my main rig so I can watch TV at home (media center going to storage). This is in a PCI slot down from the card. There’s a gap of one card slot in the way. This smaller gap may be enough to restrict airflow over the passive cooler. Though Oblivion is now uninstalled, I’ll check by running some other games…

Intrestingly, after an hour of Halo, the PC is running fine. No changes made except uninstalling Oblivion :s

I can’t imagine that a heat problem could affect a BMP file.

It looks like some application (or driver) is overwriting your video memory.

If it comes back, try turning your monitor off and on. Had something similar happen a while back.

A weird question for you - does it move about the screen or always stay inline with the ani-gif avatar on those forums ?


No it changed.

It could be the start menu gets screwed. Or the toolbar (if it was the toolbar, if I ran the mouse over where the buttons were, the buttons would appears as normal…the rest of the bar still screwed)

Tom, the files a jpeg :wink: but yeah same thing. I didn’t think the heat would affect it so I’m putting it down to Oblivion. Will have a google to see if it’s the same with other versions and they’ve released a patch. I’ll grab that and see if that affects it.

Fixed :smiley:

On the advice of someone else, I downloaded the latest beta version of driver off the nVidia site and this seems to have sorted the problem. :smiley:

Thanks for the wrap-up.