Heidi........ MIA

Heidi was last active on 23-08-2009… now getting worried!!! :frowning:

Her Docking production has also dropped significantly…

Hope she is ok…

no reply as yet to my email to her SFL address on the 3rdSep when I first started to think the same thing. I’ve only just got my home desktop with those emails back online. I’ve a phone number I’ll try on Monday as it’s a business one I think.


DT, IIRC Heidi works out of her house. So even if its a business number you have, if she’s home either her or Mandy should answer it.

Hopefully they’re on vacation, but I’m concerned too.

voicemail left :frowning: :xfinger:


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;444581]voicemail left


Cheers DT…

It’s not like Heidi to be quiet for so long…

Ye noticed she was lacking…

Hope everythings ok :slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem to be any ‘recent’ updates on the SFL webpages other than a lot of WIP, so have all fingers and toes X’d hoping she/they are OK?

I was thinking this the other day also, heres hoping everything is ok, thanks for trying to get in touch DT



Hope things are ok :xfinger:

Gone quiet here too. Worried.

Not like Heidi to be offline so long :xfinger:

Any reply yet from Heidi or Mandy?

nothing yet, I’ll call again tomorrow :xfinger:


Thanks DT.

I’ve now also hunted down some of the names listed on the sflorg aboutus pages through linkedin. Getting quite concerned, but remember she could just be on a holiday after all those trials and sleeping pattern studies she was in.



She’s OK folks… posted here a few hours ago :rotate: