Hello, Anyone In?

Evening all,

Just mooching round the www and found this link and it sounded familiar :smiley:

Thought i would pop in and say hello :wave:



I’m in but always out :crazy:

Theres still a few of us hanging around, got any plans for weekend of 26th November Spesh ?

‘Sorry we can’t answer the forums at the moment, but if you leave your post after the
beep we shall get back to you shortly’.



Hi Spesh, great to see you :wave:

Hope things are good with you and hope to see you back regularly :thumbsup:

Is this any way to be celebrating a young 'uns

We on for tomorrow?

Hi Spesh :wave: Haven’t seen a post from you since the ghz table web page you had, with my lovely PC holding up the bottom with its .133ghz of crunching powah :lol: Welcome back m8 :nod:

Si Senior


Hi Spesh. Good to see ya :slight_smile:

Theres a name I have not seen around here for a little while.

Good to see you pop in. Now all we have to hope is that you stay around :slight_smile:

well it’s hello from them and hello from me, hows things in your special part of the world?

Slacker :wave:

:wave: Spesh, nice to see you. to see you nice! :slight_smile:

what they all said, great to see you pop back in :smiley: Lets make the stay a bit more than just a pop in though :smiley:

How you do `o’ minder of all things breakfast like and covered in milk ??


Nice to see you Special K. :nod:

Another topic entirely. I am able to get English Ale in my local market. There are a number of brewers exporting the real thing now in glass bottles with very short expiration dates, 3 months from manufacture. What I don’t understand is the size of the bottles. They are all 16.9 ounces which seems to be an odd size. It’s not an American pint, it’s not an English pint. What is it?

I’m guesing at a Litre

back on topic… nice to see you about Special K :slight_smile:


OMG Slackers and wanderers Return :banana: :funknana:

Hello there :wave:

well i’m nearly always in…lol

1/2 liter I suspect as a liter = 33.7 ounces if I remember correctly.