Hello Crackers

Been a long, long time since I was here. How is everyone? I see there is more activity in an abandoned ghost town than in here these days

I’ve moved away from any kind of scientific crunching to BitCoin or more accurately ZCash mining on a rig with 6 x Sapphire RX480 Nitro OC cards. Seems an interesting hobby and if I can get up to my goal of 20 rigs in 18-24 months there will be a nice little pocket of money in it

Also, it’s my 15 year membership anniversary soon so happy anniversary to Juggy :stuck_out_tongue:

Still lurking.

Are the coins still profitable? I heard Zcash was, but is going down fast, if I’m not confusing it with something else. I just missed the boat on etherium, which was my first and only attempt. My understanding is which coins are profitable depends on getting in early.

Back to regular crunching for me…

Hey Juggy, good to see you - personally I’m about to move back to an office with included electric … dunno if I’ll restart or not, undecided - but if there’s one with money in it and worth it this time :smiley:

Nice to see you Juggster!! :thumbsup: Le Droid is still lurking here, checking on the few waifs and strays that occasionally frequent the boards and popping in the occasional comment or two. Still crunching on and off and have recently gone back to SETI for old times sake. Still hope to find the little green fellows out there sometime :slight_smile:

In and out infrequently but still alive and kicking, some how i started replaying Kings of chaos couple of months back lol, but about to take a break given brought house lots do to lol i is too old for these online turn based games lol

Still here (sporadically) and still crunching away in F@H. Kamiles is about to stomp me, unbelievable as it may seem.

Great to see some familiar faces and to hear everyone is still well.

How is everyone after Brexit? I hear the top Google search directly after the result was “What is the EU?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Juggy, my pool cleaner broke in the summer and I had to get hold of a spare part for it, a rubber diaphragm thing had tried to eat a broken water pistol and became FUBAR.

Whilst rooting in the shed looking for the Christmas decorations I found the second one of the pair you sent me years ago.