help me

i have just goyt my pc back from being repaired, and i can no longer burn cds . i have a philips dvdrw 416, but every time i try to burn a disc it tells me to insert a empty disc [i have done time and time again!!] i have tried looking for a driver download but cant find one anywhere.
please please can someone help me :confused:

Well I had this trouble on my old machine and I never fixed it.

Can you burn DVD’s? I guess if a no to CD’s it’ll be a no to DVD’s.

it will not let me burn anything, and its not a fault with nero because i have used other burning software and it still says insert blank disc

Easiest answer is take it back and tell them to fix what they just buggered up.

yep :nod:

The Philips one I had was pants and managed to destroy numerous discs. I swapped it in for an Msquared generic one and I’ve had no probs at all.

phatfanny, does it ask for an empty disc the moment you insert a blank one, or is this something that happens after you request burning to start? If the former, then I’m clueless (other than thinking you’ve got a bad batch of blank CDRs, or have picked a brand that’s not very compatible with your drive). If the later, then you might want to try setting the burn speed to a slower level. A number of drives that should be capable of speed Nx often get a bit flaky at Nx, especially when that is also the maximum rated speed of the media. Roxio software likes to default to “PowerRec” mode, where it attempts some test burns on an unused section of the CD to see what speeds might be supported. If it doesn’t succeed before it runs out of space, poof, you’ve just made a coaster. Overriding the PowerRec mode and selecting a nice slow stable speed often helps.

The drivers that come with the Roxio software are probably better at driving your burner than any you’d get from phillips. I doubt that is the problem, although you might want to try different burning packages that are available (even the cheesy free Winders blank disc recording option might give you an indication as to whether you’re suffering from a hardware or software problem).