Help needed, code test/review

As most of you know, the company I work for does image password based login systems. We’ve had success in banking and other industries, but now I’m looking to give away a free version that is limited in functions and once things are finalised, filled with adverts and links :slight_smile:

You know the score, on the web it’s rare you get something for nothing.

So what I’ve done is put together some very quick, basic PHP scripts for a login/logon area using the image password login system and the first draft of the free client. (no advertising in it at the moment).

If a few of you could see if you can follow the instructions on and check through the code from it would be much appreciated.

Please be honest on both the system and the code! I will not take offence on negative comments, and if anyone wants to produce or use the system in a personal website, then PM me and we can sort something out in return for the review of the code.

Many thanks,