Help Removing trojan

Really P.O’d right now… somehow I got a trojan on my system… Haven’t had a virus or trojan in years… no clue how it got there either… If anyone knows how to get rid of SpyQuake trojan please help! I’m trying a manual erase of it that I found.

I have adaware, spybot, avg and MS-antispyware and none of them detect it.

Please Help!

Does this site help?

Have a look Here

hth, Curly

edit: beaten to it by a Nightlord

Thanks for the quick responses… I had the first two links from Curly and Nightlord, but was having trouble tracking down any of the keys or processes mentioned. I am reading the link provided by Mulda right now. Looks like I have my afternoon planned :slight_smile:

I’ll letya know how it goes. Thanks!

Well! It worked. Took me a while to go through all the files, but no sign of it yet! Thanks again!

This particular trojan comes from a family of nasties. Typically they use social engineering to convince the user that they are infected with a malicious payload or that the machine has been used for illegal activity (the worst kind of pron).

They typically entice the unwary to submit personal and financial details in return for a “magic bullet” to clean the alleged infection or to remove it from a list of suspected illegal activities.

One customer came to me after they completely trashed their system by re-installing Windows and loosing some very sentimental photographs in the process during an attempt to rid themselves of it…only to find it was still there.

I understand that one of the outfits allegedly behind a variant, marketed a genuine spyware removal tool in the past but now uses this mechanism to generate more revenue than the genuine tool ever did.

So, glad one of the methods worked for you.

Well, I’m not even sure where it came from. I noticed a fake system message popping up in the system tray and then occasional popups to buy SpyQuake software and some casino garbage… I obviously never gave away any info to them.

The link provided by Mulda lists a bunch of files in the /system32 directory, none of which were there, but I suppose its for other varients as well. Otherwse, no sign of it.

Adaware, Spybot, AVG Antivirus, MS Antispyware all didn’t detect it.

Is there any other good anti-spyware, anti-virus software that you guys reccomend… free of course :wink:

I had that bugger awhile back… it definitely didn’t want to go away.

I run the exact programs that you said you had to begin with. They seem to do great with the few exceptions such as SpyQuake.

You could try CWSHREDDER. I know its mostly for clearing Cool Web Search stuff, but it might work with this

Well. I downloaded the “Trend Micro” scanner that has Cwshredder and it didn’t turn up anything… thanks though…