Help wanted

not 100% this is the right place to put this,
but i have just installed myself and helen a photo gallery on my clan website to see how it looks.

using coppermine wich is very nice and easy to use most definatly.
but i am now looking for a good host.
as my clansite doesnt have any room left.
im just hitting my limit with the 5 pics that are there.
so anyone point me in the direction of a decent host?

510gb webspace
5010gb monthly data transfer
Unlimited e-mail addresses
Free domain or domain transfer
Free setup…plus loads of facilities like Coppermine, on-line file manager for up to 20mb data transfer, or standard FTP for larger files.

£4.50 GBP/month

Been using them for ages with no problems or down-time. Great host.

500Mb Space
2Gb Monthly Bandwidth
10 Mailboxes
1 MySQL database

Easy to setup Coppermine and Wordpress etc. Just use the scripts they have.

£17.95 a year (£1.50 a month!)

Also, if your willing to display an advert for them on your front page, you get a discount when you renew. It also acts as an affiliate link. So if you do have alook at them, could you use the link at the bottom of my page matey? Please? :wink:

thanks guys ill go with Drezha’s as its cheaper lol.