Help With CUDA WUs

I had something happen today that never has in the past.

I had several WUs that were running on my 9500GT just suspend themselves. The card immediately started running another CUDA WU but it did this 7 times.

I did only 2 things differently than normal.

1: I stopped downloading new units and…

2: I was playing a couple of movies while the GPU was crunching.

Anybody know what may be happening?


Happened acouple of times with mine. it just finshed one and goes on to the next one, they will get done. i just leave boinc to do its job :lol:

that sounds like a scheduler error to me, which version of Boinc are you running?


6.6.36…and I did some reading. Apparently it’s a known issue that is fixed in 6.6.37.

I’m just going to stop receiving new units until the old ones finish.

If anybody has a work-around I’m all ears.

Thanks for responding.