Help with XP AutoLogon

Hey all;

got a slight urgent issue regarding xp autologon.

With win2k we used to edit the winlogon reg key with defaulted values sot he machine will always log on.
With Xp we are using autologon.exe from M$, difference is if a user decided to log off it send them to the CTRL+ALT+Delete screen to enter a new password, this is causing u s a LAOD of different problems and what we need is for xp to log on automaticly, and only produce a strl+alt+delete screen for a new username when Shift is held down.

Any one got any clues? Can we just amend the Reg like win 2k, if so pointers would be really helpful, Cheeer!

Isnt there a bit about auto-login in the computer security bit in Administrative Tools?


Cheers for the help war pig, i have got this far with the reg key, but it seems to have an issue still thanks to autologon.exe, we dont load the explorer.exe shell and have created another one in net1.1, you cant ‘unistall’ autologon.exe just disable it.
the reg key that we have created works fine if autologon.exe has never been used, if it has been used, the script will work fine untill a full reboot is carried out, and then our shell will give a dont net exception error. we then log off and back on again and it goes away.

This is the most frustrating thing in the world! :@