OK You lot, I need a favour.

Can you got to

And on the vote panel on the right hand side, Vote for the Bleeding Hearts.

Its a group that my brother in law is in and if they win , they will get air time.


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Done:thumbsup: They are way ahead right now 72%

Voted :wink: , looks like they are doing good (73%)

just voted and there still on 73%

74% :wink:

Done. 75% now. :slight_smile:

Also done… Still on 74%…


Edit: Oooh… looks like I’m a slacker… beat George to the vote, but he beat me to the post!

Looks like it’s 75% then…

I screw up every election that I touch! Sometimes, I even restrict myself to one vote. :slight_smile:

Done. 76%

Done. 77%.

Voted… 78%

Make that 78% :wink:

voted still 78%:wiggle:

Done … 79%
You got any of their stuff we can listen too?


Saw that but it’s in crappy ram…hate realplayer

now 80% - i think they just won mate!

done:) still at 80%

Done :slight_smile: still 80%

Rest of bands owned