Hi guys im having alot of trouble with the forums and not being able to post sometimes,
i think TFW said somting about this in another thread,
if i go into a thread the page does not load properly,
i was wondering if anyone may know why this is?.
and if there is anyway to fix it.

there seems to be a few who have had this problem, try clearing out the internet cache and see if that helps


It’s ok Andy, you’re not alone. I’ve been having problems for a week or so. Mentioned them to DT via pm. He thinks that the bandwidth limiter is kicking in and should be sorted when the migration is fully complete.

For me, the problem happens when I am logged in (but not when I’m browsing as a guest:confused:). It stops long threads loading after the sixth post in the thread.

Also, for me the cache doesn’t make a difference, it happens on Firefox, IE6, Mozilla and Konquerer. It’s machine and network independant: my workstation at the office does it as well as different machines here.

Try log out and then browse…It might help.

Hi all

Going to make an effort to get the forums moved to a dedicated server later on tonight, sometime after dinner :smiley:

Within this move I am planning to upgrade the forums software to the higher release, 3.6.0 that takes advantage of the newer version of sql I’ve got on the dedicated box. Fingers crossed that
[li]I get the time
[/li][li]it all goes well :slight_smile:
:xfinger: :xfinger: :xfinger:


Cheers DT and thanks for all your work :thumbsup:

A quick question for those who have been seeing this problem.

Did any of the threads in question have an attachment or a link to an attachment in them ?


It never seemed to happen at home, wont be able to test it until tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for all your efforts DT.

re threads with links: it’s kinda hard to avoid them with links in people’s sigs.

However, if you are talking about an attachment (or linky to one), then it seems to happen regardless. On the other hand, I have noticed this evening that threads open further than the last few days, up to about post #8 or #9, so I don’t know if it is work in progress.

So, I had a hunt around in some of the Other DC projects archives and found which appears not to have any links, attachments (except sigs). It pauses for several seconds and then gets to post #10 before stopping. Viewing the thread on without logging in I can see all 12 posts.

Dunno if that helps?

Move completed, although the upgrade hasn’t been done yet as there are a few more things that need looking at before that can be done as many of the templates will need double-checking.

It’s a bit late in the day to try the upgrade now, maybe tomorrow :xfinger:


Excellent work DT. :tiphat:

Instant loading here, much faster than before and no hang-ups on any thread loading.

All is sweet in my life again!

/thinks…must get out more :coffee:

Seems to be fixed.
Not been able to find a thread thats not loading up fully.

NB: Most of the threads I was reading last week have been edited since :chuckle:

Looking good DT, good job and pint (or two) for you at the lowfield bar :thumbsup: