H'excuse me DT... you're in my way!!!

Host 24710 is occupying top place for total credit in team TPR… but it’s in my way… Can you kindly move aside so my Phenom II 1055 can get past!!! :smiley:


That damn DT is still getting me.
(DT is what they call me in another forum.)

Yet I know I am not in the way. . .
Go get him, oh big yellow one.

oh dear, ever so sorry - I just renewed that particular datacentre server :smiley:

took me a while to find where the stats were for that - seems you’ll stomp that machine within a few days :slight_smile:


In the next 24 hours I guess…

And my Phenom II 945 should be following sometime over the next month or so! :smiley:

Ha Stompage.

That’s what this place is all about :slight_smile:

Great crunching there Fiend!! Don’t forget to clean the fridge before you leave that spot DT:D.

At this moment my Hex is 2k behind with 18 units to report… :smiley:

The deed is done!!! :stomp:

:thumbsup: :clap: :slight_smile:


hmm, I think you were helped :frowning: just checked in on the machine to find it sat with four of the dodgy units, all 24-36hours worth of cpu time and zero percentage :frowning:

It was always going to happen… it was just a case of when!!!

2 months later another Banana powered cruncher powers past… stop slacking DoubleTop!!! :stomp::stomp::stomp:

ok, I’ve set SIMAP on that box to no more work :smiley:

the box is now gone, have cancelled it. It was a GoDaddy server :lol:


And mine is currently off-line… The Gigabyte motherboard is in the hands of Gigabytes RMA dept for repair/replacement… And waiting to see what happens.

Got a new OCZ PSU currently on route from CCL to go in my 1055T system, so the 955BE system will get my old Enermax.