Hey all!

Hiya peeps, I’m another Darkside turncoat come to join your nice friendly team! Was a regular reader on the darkside forums (never posted though, due to them not letting anyone post if they only had a webmail account! :mad: ) and after a brief sojourn at team bit-tech (until i realised that unlike their oc-ing and modding forums, their SETI forum is pretty dead) I’ve decided to park my WUs with you guys! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

Welcome aboard. :nod:

Have a banana. :banana: :banana: :banana:

Hello sp00n:wave:

Welcome to this dedicatated team of loonies, sit yourself down and a nice bowl of custard will be along shortly!

:banana: :banana: :banana:

yumeee for my tumeeeee! :slight_smile:

Wahey, Welcome to our Haven :banana:
I think the custard worshippers will love the idea of a spOOn :wink:

Enjoy our wonderful family :thumbsup:

Wooooooot … been here 10 minutes and already has 2 threads going for him :slight_smile: … gonna fit right in :lol: :headbang:

A new :spam:mer, nice to see someone with ambition :smiley:

Join VR Team :spam: the place for all budding :spam:mers

'Ello sp00n. :slight_smile:

Welcome SpOOn :thumbsup:

Lo sp00n :wavey:

Welcome to the place of the certified :spin:

Welcome to the team! :wave:

Originally posted by dalethfc
I think the custard worshippers will love the idea of a spOOn :wink:

I disagree, surely it’s much more fun without. :devil:


Welcome, sp00n. :wavey:

Howdy Sp00n! :wave:

Now all we need is Kn1f3 & f0rk! :lol:

Yeehaaawwww!!! Welcome to the Team. Grab a seat and sit for a spell.

Good to see you here. Enjoy the light.

Welcome Sir:wave:

Hi spOOn - you don’t happend to be a fan of “The Tick” by any chance do you?

Welcome fellow D8’er - sp00n!

I hope to overtake you soon :stuck_out_tongue:

WElcome M8 , have fun :slight_smile:

welcome :wave:

sp00n from the hub?

if so wanna join out Virtual team The Happy Hubster? :deal: