Hi all

Hi all, how have you been doing lately?

Just stopped by to say I joined you at Dirt and HAL today for some days. Unfortunately next week I have to get the CUDAs going for our Einstein challenge and I just learned Dirt has problems with validation. So HAL is left now and hopefully I can shift a little bit more in the next weeks. :cool:

Hello Matt! :wave: Nice to see a friendly face return. :slight_smile:

Nice to see you around these parts again… you and your fiends are most welcome to pop by anytime!!! :wave:

Hello Matt welcome to TPR!!! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, around once again. Not part of any ‘invasion plans’ this time… :wink: I promised myself long time ago to return to TPR for doing my million at Docking. So, here I am again. :wave:

Nice to see you back!!!

Welcome back!! :wave: