Got you back in Folding!:stuck_out_tongue:

Not for much longer by looks though!

Think I finally have figured the media center’s restarting woes! :woot: The graphics card was dodgy by looks…seems running fine without it now:)

I’ll get you again soon :wink:

You’ll stomp me in 5 days at the current going :frowning:

We’ll have to see about that :smiley:

Though my media center got a crappy 44 point unit that’s taken it ages to do :cry: Wont go anywhere like that :frowning:

4 pc’s (well 1 is a lappy) now folding :Plot: :smiley:

Oh a challange :smiley:

Can I borg enough machines to stay afloat? :chuckle:

I’ve knocked it upto 8 days :smiley:

And currently produced more this week than you :wink:

Shame I lose a rig this weekend :frowning: (not that it’s actually done much…)

Hmmm we’ll see about that :wink:

You’ll get me now. :frowning:

Media Center going…

And a recent purchase means that this box is gonna be giving most of it’s CPU time to Oblivion :chuckle:

:lol: I’ve added another pc to the equation, but it’s not on a huge amount so won’t be producing that much :frowning:

Grrr :mad:

Lost all work on my laptop today :mad: Thats 4 days work gone down the drain.:frowning:

Stand clear of the tracks you two, there’s a steam train a commin’, and she ain’t for stopping :stomp: :stomp:

Make way for the nightlord Express :eek:

hids your days are numberd at 12 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Looks like your days are numbered at 6 bin :wink: :smiley:

I think it reads 9 myself :stuck_out_tongue: and mine are just warming up :slight_smile: I can ad more if you want ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hidds your now at 1 day… pack your bags I want it clean and spotless :smiley:

hmm… 6days you say ? reads 9 to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like it was more like 2 bin, STOMPED :smiley:

moose :stuck_out_tongue: my rigs are all overheating…its nice and tostie down here :eek:

Bah. Stop the exscuses bin just a toastie up here. You just got stomped as the slacker you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you stomping boyos remember to turn your pc’s off next weekend…wouldn’t want them to overheat while you weren’t there :wink: