Hiring Cars in USA

I’m trying to find somewhere to hire a car for a trip I’m planning to Los Angeles, trouble is I can’t find anywhere that offers manual transmission cars and I would much prefer a manual car. Anyone know of anywhere I can hire such a vehicle. Would especially like to get a convertible.

Any help or tips would be appreciated!

no such beast in a rental agency unless it is a specialty car that only comes that way like a Cadillac CTS-V. I bet you won’t like the rental rate on one of those if you can find one but that would be a blast going up the coast highway with that 400 hp 6 speed tremec manual trans. Convertibles are a specialty as well and demand a premium rental rate.

Auto’s are totally suited to driving out there, you get used very quickly :slight_smile:

look at getting one of the Pontiac’s they are fun to drive.

Auto, cruise, freeway :cool:

can americans not change gear then?
as well as not know how to use a roundabout?

:Offtopic: well WORMSS, you certainly know how to poke a hornets nest.

Carefull now :deal:


IN LA? hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha. :lol:
your lucky if you move @ 30 mph stop and go.

:moon: :mad: :o :kickbum: :kickbum: :kickbum:

I used to work with a Texas chappy that was over here some 10 years ago

He alway’s loved saying how he liked our British roads

All bendy and fun and you don’t nod off because they don’t go in a straight line for very long :chuckle:

Ahh, only done it in florida and really enjoyied it, much less agressive than driving round my way is and everybody was just cruising… the auto really made sense. :nod:

There is a strech of road on the way to San Deigo that runs from Gila Bend to Yuma, 100 miles with only 2 really long sweeping turns in it. I used to set the cruise @ 110mph @ 4am on Monday morning. :wink: Even passed a couple of State Police going the other way, they paid no attention. :lol:

Of course the population between those to place is about 5 people and freeway exits are 20 - 30 miles apart.

Most states have laws against aggresive driving. weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating and the like will generally get you pulled over for at least a look see at your paper work.

PS Boston and LA are not one of those places.

I drive a 5 speed pickup, manual shift. I love my manual transmissions, even if its a bugger in the rush-hour traffic. Unfortunately, you don’t find many manuals in rental cars. Most americans prefer the auto, at least around here, because of the traffic.

What’s a roundabout? <joking> Although I couldn’t say I’d have any skill at utilizing one.