Hm hdd Camcorder?

OK, a little help here folks, which would you buy, or give me other options.

All I want out of it is to record to hard drive, be easy to use, oh and of course HD 1080.



Basicaly I can’t decide if the ‘extras’ of the 7 are worth the money.

The only major diffrence i can see from a glance is the mega pixels of the sensor and storage capacity and still image capture reolution.

I guess the choice will really boildown to how big a budget you have got.

I bought the HDR-HC7, the tape equivalent. Preecey is correct in his analysis. All I can add is that the HD looks very, very nice on a 1080 HDTV. You will never go back.

Also, I used to use a 3 CCD TRV900. The low-light sensitivity of the single chip HD camcorders is not as good. The HD outweighs that consideration for me. By far.

My only comment on the subject is they are much cheaper in Gibraltar if anybody was heading near Morocco