Hmm, Problems Already

Checked my machines this morning and all saying jobpacket1.dat seems to be corrupted…all my machines.

Dont know what this means!!! :confused:

I tried deleting and getting new data…and now the server will not recognise my email address, so cant get new work :confused: again

any ideas

Error as follows…

Waiting for connection to be established
Downloaded 100.00% of 0.88 KBytes
Downloaded 100.00% of 0.88 KBytes
Email provided is not registered on server.
Please, enter a registered email address.
In Lifemapper, you are identified by your email address.
Please enter your email address for your registered Lifemapper account:

The database is down :frowning: Trying to add a new comp to the project this morning, you can check the server status page Staus page here

I’m going to pop over to the LM forums to see whats going on.


Thanks DT :slight_smile:

Does that mean if i leave my clients hunting for a connection they will do eventually?

yup :nod: as soon as the DB is backup they will connect.


Just gonna quietly crunch the weekend away and do a mega cache clearout next week.