Ho hum. AGP speed is wrong....

Ok well i recently got my grubby little hands on a radeon 9800 pro for a very good price (free), so thats good like, the only problem is that when i come to install its drivers, the card drops back to AGP 2x mode. the mobo is AGP 4, its drivers are installed, AGP 4 is enabled in bios, the card is AGP 8 so its capable of 4x operation, and ive previously had the board running at AGP 4 with a GF2.

what i find strange is that before i install the catalysts, cpu-z reports transfer mode 4x, max supported 4x, and after the cats are in, it reports transfer mode 2x, max supported 4x. god thats annoying. can someone give me some pointers please. cheers.

O yes and its win 2000 SP4.

no one?

A little more detail on the system you have put it in would help :wink:

Welcome to the NVidia Users Group :smiley:

Well actually i figured it out now i was using the catalysts with the control center thing, which is crap, so i got the ones with the settings integrated in the CP and used the smartgart thing to force it to agp 4x.

yes catalyst control panel is teh poopoo…only just noticed this thread…doh…and um get on msn ya slacker !!

i will once the win2k install is polished off and ghosted. i like to run a clean rig.

Yes i said 2k, xp seems like a noobified version of 2k to me with bright primary colours to hold a short attention span and a wizard for clicking the start button. thats why its on my mothers pc. Plus its left alone by the black hats more than xp these days.

2k lives forever!!

People say 2k is the best…

I tried it but didn’t like it.

Not that I’m using the bright primary colours look…I’m using a pack I downloaded to give the thing the look of Longhorn and it’s very cool looking.

As for the rest of the stuff, it seems easier to set up networks (supposedly :mad: ) and well…meh…