Well hi all, dont quite know if this is the best place to post this but ahh well, i was recomended to join here by a friend and fellow member called wyntrblue. Well to start all this off i’ll mention some online/lan games i play, css, ut/03/04, warcraft, flight sims, hl2, garrys mod, and a load of other junk. Time for the million pound question, being englsih i had to change it, can you recomend a cheapish dvd writer, at a nice price ??? Well thanks all thats my first post

welcome to the forums matey :slight_smile:
as for the dvd writer svp here, a pioneer drive for £35

Welcome to the boards :slight_smile:

Bullys recomendation is spot on, top company that and they do a mean deal on blank disks too, although i can’t get his link to work i’m sure that this is the same company :slight_smile:

I know you can flash the 109 and improve the ripping speed etc too :cool:

Hi! :wave:

welcome to the team! Sure you’ll enjoy it here.

You crunch any DC projects?

Lol thanks for those links ill deffo check them out, and no, im not that computer minded, lol, just use them alot, and annoy my college moderator/admin, hehehe