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What’s your browsers default homepage. As I use Firebird I can have multiple homepages (in tabs). Thus I have Google and a blank tab behind it.

Would be interested to know what everyone else has.

At work it’s our company Intranet front page, it holds up-to-date company news/events etc. It’s something that’s coded into people’s log in scripts… not the most interesting for most people but something deemed important by the powers-that-be so they can get their spiel across every day. Also is good for me 'cause I wrote and maintain our Intranet and can see if anything is going titsup!

At home, of course it’s the TPR forums :stuck_out_tongue:

Google. :slight_smile:

Work = Intranet front page
Home = TPR :slight_smile:

work = about.blank - hate the way IE “jumps” the cursor when typing in the url when the homepage has not yet loaded, which can be quite regular with our poxy proxy server.

home = google / tpr depending on what mood I’m in :slight_smile:


Home - Google

Work - my own ‘control centre’ with links to the most important places - Dilbert, TPR Stats & Forums, Hotmail, and the intranet phone search page.

Just a blank Firebird window here. :o

Originally posted by ike
[B]Home - Google

Work - my own ‘control centre’ with links to the most important places - Dilbert[/B]

I’ve always considered Dilbert to be most important:D

a page thats stored in my documents, with some simple links to the sites, altho i only ever click on a few of them, just cos i cba removing the old/un-used ones

Gaming / Forums

Digi Dark Room Forums
GSV Forums
OcUK Forums
TPR Forums
Hexus Forums
UK Terrorist
Schroet - SK
Got Frag?
Clanbase - with Login done
SETI Stats
Digitally Imported


Blank Disks
Big Pockets CD DVD shop
Hot Kit
Pyramid Posters
Micro Direct

Info / Guides / Search

DACS faq
DOS cmd’s
How Stuff works
MS’s Tech net
Network Monitoring Tools
Practically Networked
Source Forge

http://my.yahoo.com since I still use my Yahoo mail account. Plus it has decent stock quote section, sport section, and news section(once you un-click all the fluff).

Work - works’ intranet
Everywhere else - TPR forums :slight_smile:

I’m with jeff: my.yahoo.com kicks assssss, links, news, stock , all in one wonderpage.