Hope your cache is full

Server status shows no new work and its been like that for a while. With a bit of luck its only a transient thing

Got plenty… to do and upload, server down again

these short WU’s are going to hurt us!!!

Looks like a new lappie is the only one that can’t make until at least Tuesday…from my group

Yep my bad, looks like the new batch of units are so short they are being sucked out as fast as they can be generated. In credit terms should hurt all teams fairly equally though :xfinger:

Update: WU generator server processes 1 & 2 now marked as “not running”

This is getting very silly now - its a valid user name from BOINC Synergy, nothing to do with me though. Anybody else think the server/database is haveing ummm “issues”? 9k until I hit the 3 million mark, 3k+ in “pending”, loads of work here in cache, and the server has a brain fart. Typical :slight_smile:

All server processes down, no units to send, just web pages and up/down server left. Only 43 left “pending” so I guess the front end processes are off until the back end catches up, would seem logical.

On the up side I can’t see all that happening automagically, suggests someone is monitoring or controlling this.

Woot! I got my 3 million too!

Don’t know, Billy… logged me in just fine… :smiley:

And congrats on the 3 million!! :cheers:

All services now running, new units available, back to normal