I have captured and holding the team custard hostage till TPR Dockers gets a new member!
There is no negotiation. I will devour one tablespoon every hour till the demand is met.
Who will step up and save the custard.

i have another core on the case now that HUGE astropulse unit has finished… just don’t do anything to hasty,
What about the custard?! Won’t somebody please think of the custard!?

Step away from the dessert sauce, there’s no need for violence! We’ll get your new member but in the meantime please stay calm…

<alpha team this is red one, release the wookie I repeat release the wookie>

I put money on it that what you think you’ve got tastes nothing like what it should. Fancy taking the wrong pot :nono:

Doris never did get round to painting the waiting room yellow, I wondered where it went :lol:


Guys!! Heidi is holding our favorite yellow dessert in custardy!! :nono::chuckle::sigh:


Post of the millenium mate, top class.

I bet it still tastes better than Instent custard.

Nope no negotiation!
That is now two tablespoons.
I don’t know why you all are so found of this custard… has a terrible satiny latex taste.
No matter I will finish every bite if needed!
Till the demands are satisfied!

Quick, someone pinch off that air hose.

OK OK I fixed the quad core that was down :crash:, just busted through 100k total :driving: what more can I do to save the dessert for TPR as a whole? The four yellow cores are GPU’s they can’t run Docking, we’re flat out here captain! :bondage:

I hate u mojo! lol

I hate everyone who has a farm. i cant get my farm up and running cos of the electric (meter) and no net so cant add to the pc’s i have “hijacked” but nice one mojo:tiphat: :kickbum: “still jealous though”

Quad should be here in about a week or 2, so there will be 2 more cores :slight_smile:

<rub salt in mode>

Added another 2.8 GHz since I screenshotted :wink:

</rub salt in mode>

what is that in the screenshot mojo ? that looks handy… lol

Ive got… 39 dual cores running… I cant do anymore :stuck_out_tongue: or my seti output will dissapear…

Oh now that is just mean… You been talking to Mandy, haven’t you.:furious:

How about a song and dance

How about 40! This girl is never satisfied! (thanks)

We will hold your share for two weeks:D

Well I suppose we can negotiation.

Besides I like happy members

Awesome guys!

Its a utility called boincview the site which the developer had on the net has disappeared but google it you can still get hold of a copy. Couldn’t live without it.


boincview is hosted on the main boinc site under addons

the real shame is that dev closed off without going open source, with a volunteer to manage the source control :frowning: :cry:


:lol: Got there before you DT :wink: