How are you all?

Hello all, thought I’d pop in and say hi.

How are you all what’s new?
Starting a new career myself in HMPPS.

Hi Andy! My wife and I bought a manufactured house and the folks who are managing the “older 55 community” are applying the finishing touches on our house and building lot. We should be able to move in (…have settlement) in about 4 to 6 Weeks. The wife has sure “perked up”! (“happy wife, happy life” seems to be in effect!)

Hey Andy - all good here, not a lot changes, playing with cars still, crunching a few units here and there and general slacking about :smiley:

Hi Andy, still here crunching away. Recently married. Pet dog no kids. That’s about it really.

How are you?

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That’s awesome man congrats!

And DT same here except for crunching. I have reasonable crunching power but nowhere near good enough.
As for cars. I went off Landrovers and am now fixing up a Mazda MX5 Monza :smiley:
Can’t fit in the fking thing but still fun anyway!

And Tom glad things are in place dude. Always nice when a plan comes together.

Hi Andy. In a flat with me cat. I’m a poet and didn’t know it :slight_smile: Still crunching and heading towards 350000 units for SETI. Onwards and upwards…

Well hello there :smiley:

Been a long time since I was last here! Lots has gone on for us over the years but fundamentally, still the same :lol:

Hope all is well with everyone :cuddle:


Hids… welcome back!!!

What have I been up to lately???

Must be a sign of getting old when you start planning your retirement date…

And what has kick started it? The government trying to mess us about with our pensions!!! The company I work for was a “Nationalised” then went private sector and has now been taken back under government control… And despite my pension being protected by an Act of Parliament, they now want change it… but any changes they make will only apply to going onwards, not retrospectively…

I attended a “retirement planning” course at work recently and that got me thinking… State pension age for me is 67 but my retirement age is 60…

I’m now planning on retiring at 59, and thanks to an AVC scheme I’m in, I’ve worked out that I can bridge that 7 year gap and live comfortably on my pensions… In fact I’ll probably be better off than I am currently…

Damn, I’m getting old!!!

It’s funny you bring up the subject of pensions actually.
Starting my new job at the end of July. I’ve just been given the paperwork for an alpha or partnership pension.
I have zero idea which one to go for and anyone i ask isn’t giving me a clear answer :confused:

From the performance of all but one of my pensions I would advise sticking 20 quid under a mattress every week as the best possible return.
Just not the one in the front garden.

I guess I am lucky in that my pension scheme is a defined benefit one, although the government is trying to force a yet another change in our pensions onto us. It’s hilarious in that I’ve worked for the same company for 32 years but already I have 4 pension funds and now they want me to have a 5th one… :wall:

I’m glad I’ve only got 5 years left to do!!!.

Another thing I am lucky with is that due to my length of service on shifts the company still would have to pay my shift allowance if they move me back on to days