How can I fold faster on F@H

What can I do to fold faster because my PPD is much lower than a few others. My PPD is 80-110. And I do fold 24/7

what machine specs are you running on ?


Intel Pentium M 1.73 Ghz, 533Mhz with a 2MB cache
512Mb RAM

Have turned advmethods on? That might help. Also if you think your machine can handle them., turn on large WU’s. You get a bonus for the very large units.

Are you using the text only client?

If not, download the new (5.04) text only client (or the current one (5.02)…just easier to turn advmethods on for a new one)

Using text only client means less CPU cycles wasted on other things like graphics etc.

I have turned on advmethods and large WU but I want to keep the graphical client since I use it for a screen saver

Thats a no no :wink:

Text only client with the blank screensaver will be much quicker :wink:

what drezha said, the most efficient points output is acheived by using the CLI only, there are plenty of other pretty screen savers that won’t affect the cpu as much as the one in the folding GUI.


Welcome butc8! Glad you decided to join TPR! If you wan’t to fold faster your best bet is to never use the pc you are folding on. If thats not possible, try adding the -forceasm flag. That way you always force the assembly optimization on (they can be disabled by improper shutdowns).

Using advmethods and bigwu won’t bring up your ppd. If you use just advmethods you may get a lot of p2094, 2095’s that are around 140pts and take around a day to complete, thus 140ppd

Also, using the client as a screensaver will slow it down. the client should ALWAYS be minimized except when you really wan’t to see whats going on. When minimized the client uses 0 cpu.

Again welcome!

Thanks fenix