How clean is your workplace?

I wonder how many can match the standards in place at the Phaeton assembly plant in Dresden, also known as the ‘Transparent Factory’

Have a look here for a fascinating walkthrough the assembly line Pheaton Assembly Plant


i doubt many places in NZ would meet that quality…:eek:

They even have a resteruant (sp).
Very high tech stuff :slight_smile:

Its too clean i would be scared to work there incase i made a mess.

But i do like the outside shots its really nice compaired to the monstrocities (sp) you see here its very arty farty and the streets how do they do it they must think very highly of there streets there not a crisp packet in sight lol

jings did the owners have OCD? Its very erm space ship lookin to me ive gotta say.

Probably a very nice car, but its still a VW no matter how many people it takes however long to screw it together. When your trundling round the M25 it wont matter how clean the factory was.

Might as well buy an A8 with all the bells and whistles.

In fact VW is already offering more than £5000 off a new one

Did you post this just to wind me up shanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post a picture of my place tonight… erm its not quite that tidy atm :eek: but it is in production (ish) again :banana:

:wave: @ Peige :smiley: certainly not mate,

I ve been holding on to the link for a while now waiting for the right moment - it just seemed that now was the time.

You must be on the final bit now though - when do the floor polishers arrive?

One look round my office and VW /Protean would sack me in minutes anyway.


Thanks Shanks. An interesting browse around the factory and I’m sure a quality facility resulting in quality build. Of course its only an assembly plant. The real muck and bullets get thrown around during the manufacturing processes. Assembly like this is only possible as a result of good precision and repeatability during component build.

You can do some semi-interactive browsing @ too.

Talking of muck and bullets :lol:

This what i’ve been busy doing this last couple of weeks, moved all that you see here and a load that you can’t…Obvously lots to do yet but we need to get making stuff for a little while to pay for the move and keep the customers happy, back to tidying in march :nod:

Really hard to photograph the new place, three shops (two of which you can see, third is full of rubbish atm)

We do like to be tidy but that factory is somewhere you could never actually “make” something…

:nod: We all have a lot to thank the CNC machine tool for. Its repeatability makes all this posible whilst the low manpower to overall production cost ratio gives us one of the few ways Western manufacturing can compete with cheap far Eastern labour. Were it not for this our manufacturing base would be long gone.
Kind of ironic that most CNCs are now build in the far East. Think Leadwells hail from Taiwan whilst the Fanuc’s are Japanese.

Yup, Leadwell are taiwan made, sad thing that much as we would like to buy a uk machine there isn’t one that would compete, infact i’m not sure there is one at all :frowning:

We removed nearly 100 old machines from this factory before we moved in, you know where they went, yup, all in several sea containers and off to india.

The only place for ‘handles’ now is in the toolroom and this is rapidly becoming less common as 3D CAD/CAM packages such as Pro-Engineer make the track from drawing office to metal cutting an ever shorter process.