How come the Camera can lie selectively

Having just looked at the pictures the Balrog took of our lounge and put on the forums I thought anyone looking at our suite and carpet would wonder why the hell we are changing it. Admittedly you would not know from the picture that the foam had given up and you need to sit in the middle of the two seats, but you cannot see the leather is cracked and coming off with endless cat claw marks. The carpert used to be two toned is now matted and merged into one shade of dirty grey.

Yet when we recently took some pictures of ourselves for our diving qualification card we looked about 20 years older every line wrinkle seemed to be magnified they were awful they looked worse than the one’s you get in the photo booths.

It’s like I bought a leather case on Ebay for my electronic organiser that said it was in good condition and it looked fine from the picture but when I received it, it was really grotty dirty and the leather was badly marked:( So I decided on kill or cure washed it in Ariel polished it up with proper leather polish (then decided it was really was to big to carry around in my bag) so put it back on Ebay (with photos that made it look good) so made sure I did not say it was in good condition pointed out all the marks, still sold it and got really nice feedback from the chap saying how nice it was.

A telephoto lens takes a more flattering portrait. :slight_smile:

and a ‘cloud’ lens is even better. or smear the lens with Vaseline the subject matter is REALLY in need of camouflage :slight_smile:

it’s because i’m an ugly git though

we will forgive you so long as you keep S E-B on your avatar mate :smiley: